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The Back Porch

ALIES operates an outreach project called The Back Porch as a means of promoting life-affirming options. The Back Porch is a means to assist, support and refer abortion-minded men and women and those experiencing grief following abortion. In this capacity we network with counseling groups and referral agencies across Alberta. The Back Porch is located directly across the street from the Edmonton Women's Health Options abortion clinic (formerly the Morgentaler Clinic). At the clinic approximately 6,000 abortions are performed annually. The Back Porch is an 11th hour ministry for women and their partners who have doubts, concerns, misgivings/misinformation about their choice to abort. Dedicated volunteers and staff speak with the clients. The Back Porch is the only project of its kind in Western Canada.


Due to its proximity to the abortion clinic, most Back Porch clients already have scheduled abortion appointments. In 2018, the staff and volunteers spoke to almost 450 clients and at least 12 babies were saved from abortion!

The number of saved babies recorded reflects the clients that the staff has had the opportunity to follow up with and confirm their decision for life.


Legal Injunction: Women's Health Options abortion clinic (formerly named Morgentaler Clinic) has a legal injunction that surrounds it. As of 2018, there is also a provincial bubble zone around abortion clinics. Pro-life activities are not allowed within this bubble zone. To download and view the details pertaining to the injunction and bubble zone, please click below. 

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