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ALIES' mission is carried out through various projects and initiatives.

Contribute towards a specific project by clicking the 'I want to help' button.

Green Leaves


Make a Targeted Donation

Our ongoing, 11th hour presence to abortion-minded women and men is the heart of this ministry.
Sustain the mission by ensuring that clients continue to receive accurate options information and life-affirming referrals, in a welcoming environment.

Help educate Albertans about the sanctity of life. Sponsor our annual educational event, engaging presentations for schools and churches, educational materials for client visits (including fetal models), and our booth at exhibits and conferences.

Help women know that we value their lives as much as the lives of their preborn children. These small gifts have a huge impact as they provide information on the emotional risks of abortion, as well as contact information for a post-abortion healing centre.

We purchase and gather material items for our moms. They appreciate new & gently used maternity clothing, 0-3 month sleepers, personal-care items, and overnight hospital bags. We also include an encouraging book and a letter with these gifts to empower our clients as they transition to the care of other community resources.

Our clients are always grateful for help with ongoing expenses. Bless a growing family with a grocery gift card to show support. Bus tickets and taxi vouchers are often helpful as well.

Support our entire ministry by donating to 'ALIES & The Back Porch.'

Consider partnering with us through monthly giving or by making a one-time donation. 
Thank you for your generosity!


Your support is truly changing lives. 

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