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Prayer Room

ALIES underwent a year long project of transforming the garage at The Back Porch into a Prayer space. This project, which was suggested and spear-headed by one of our volunteers, came to fruition in the Fall of 2021.

The Prayer Room is open from 8am to 5pm during the week days, coinciding with the Women's Health Options clinic hours. We hope to have someone praying in the Prayer Room for each hour the clinic is open, in hopes of closing the clinic. 

Woman Praying

How do I get Involved?

If you are interested in coming to pray at The Back Porch Prayer Room, please click the button below. This will take you to an application form, which once filled out, will be sent to The Back Porch Coordinator who will contact you on a date & time for an orientation. 

Thank you for signing up!


Orientation will be in-person and will take place at The Back Porch. It will include going through and signing our Code of Ethics, reviewing the Bubble Zone legislation, learning how to sign up to pray, and receiving the code to the Prayer Room, which will be followed by a tour of the Prayer Room. Once orientation is complete, you will await a follow up email which will contain the code for the Prayer Room and the link to sign up.

We also ask that you have your ID on hand during orientation as the Coordinator will be making photocopies to keep for our files.  

Thank you!

Prayer Challenge


Last year we saved 9 babies and their mothers from abortion! This year we want to save 12! Pray with us each month, that we may know of at least 1 baby and his/her mother that is saved from abortion. Join The Back Porch in Edmonton or Life House in Calgary to get regular updates or follow us on social media. 

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