2021: Year of Prayer

Monthly Downloads


Month of Hope

Praying for the future; pray for hope in the hearts of women and men going through an unanticipated pregnancy.


Month of Love

Praying for families. Pray that families  would encounter the perfect love of God that casts out all fear as they consider and research their options.


Month of Kindness

Praying for pro-life work. Pray that God would continually help members of the pro-life movement to see abortion-minded women and men, and preborn children, through God's eyes.


Month of Justice

Praying for journalists. Pray that all journalists and journalism students would understand the dignity of human life.


Month of Courage

Praying for mothers. Pray that new mothers would receive miraculous strength and courage as they sense God's preference and love.


Month of Compassion

Praying for fathers. Pray and make supplication for the fathers of preborn children as they need compassion, wisdom, and courage.


Month of Peace

Praying for politicians. Pray for God's peace to spread supernaturally throughout our city, province, and nation, in all levels of leadership.


Month of Charity

Praying for abortion providers. Pray for the coming of Jesus' light to the abortion industry and to all who work within it.


Month of Forgiveness

Praying for post-abortive families. Pray that God would work through us to extend His love and forgiveness to all who have chosen, or experienced abortion.


Month of Gratitude

Praying for adoption. Pray for parents awaiting a child, may God give them peace. Pray for children without families, may God give them hope.


Month of Empathy

Praying for the healthcare system. Pray that healthcare professionals would be emboldened to protect and defend all human life, in all circumstances.


Month of Faithfulness

Praying for the end of abortion. Pray for perseverance, Jesus' hope, and the confidence that God has already conquered.